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We collaborate towards the growth and evolution off organizations and companies

Management & Planning

The management of companies and organizations is a process that must achieve continuing evolution and improvement off people and processes

Professionalization of organizations
Management and reorganization
Management control and monitoring
Management of contractors and suppliers

People & Development

The main objective of good organization optmization work should be to increase people´s potential for development

Human capital management
Payroll management
Selection and recruiting
Performance evaluation

Advice & Training

Advice and training services are tools that should be used to improve growth potential with the best current practice

Training and courses
Management and executive coaching
Specific and bespoke advice
Strategic advice

Audit & Control

Audit and control are the best ways to find management issues and unexpected outcomes in order to establish continuous improvement practices

Legal and admnistrative audit
Accounting and financial audit
Management audit
Forensic audit


Our creativity allows us to obtain excellent management outcomes
We come up with solutions to improve management by optimizing human capital

Our expertise is based on collaborating towards the growth off companies and organizations, overcoming obstacles and implementing good management practices and excellence in procedures.

The problems that companies and organizations face are regular challenges for Grexus.

That is why we are involved in general process improvement and overcoming administration and management challenges, pursuing to improve the human and operational quality of current organizations.

More than twenty years of experience working in the market endorse our professional expertise. We are professionals devoted to improving procedures and methods in order to obtain the best management outcomes with the highest levels of excellence.


We know how to collaborate towards the growth off companies and organizations

Diego Bruno

General Director
Human capital management expert
for companies and organizations

Ruben Barasch

Associate Director
Company management expert
and specialized university teacher

Alejandro Cardozo

Associate Director
Academic and international specialist
in management of organizations

Erasmo Chiesa

Associate Director
Specialist in integral management
and growth development programs

Mauro Menyhart

Associate Director
Organizational development expert
with expertise in conflict management

Gustavo Gnus

Associate Director
Management specialist
and financial expert

Silvia Berlasso

Senior Executive
Legal management expert for
human capital and payroll

Rubén Alison

Senior Executive
Staff and payroll
management expert

Jorgelina Berrutti

Senior Analyst
Experienced payroll
management professional

Paula Rodríguez

Associate Director
Specialist in human capital
strategic development

Fernando Madile

Associate Director
Quality Management Specialist and
expert in good practices improvement

Emilio Reales

Associate Director
Specialist in due diligence
and background check analysis


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